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Discover new levels of health and wellness with Liberty Fitness. Our skilled and experienced personal trainers will work alongside you to develop your full potential, regardless of your goals.

We operate a state-of-the-art facility with the equipment and resources you need. Whether you intend to lose weight, gain muscle, or increase your mobility and flexibility, our training sessions are suited to all levels.

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Personal Fitness Training Tailored to Your Needs

From seasoned athletes to relative newcomers, everyone can benefit from our streamlined individual training sessions. At Liberty Fitness, we don’t believe in the one-size-fits-all approach. Instead, we tailor our training to your present fitness level and future goals.

We foster a welcoming, supportive atmosphere where individuals of all ages and fitness levels can feel comfortable. No matter where you are on your health and fitness journey, our trainers can help.

Detailed Fitness Assessments

Fitness Level and Personal Goals

We will begin with a detailed fitness consultation. In addition to getting to know you, we’ll assess your body composition and fitness background. We’ll also establish your personal fitness goals, preparing a detailed plan that includes both exercise and nutrition.

Customized Fitness Sessions

While those of all fitness levels can benefit from customized personal training, those who are newer to the world of fitness may find particular benefits. We can help you improve your form and build your strength and ability in slow, gradual increments.

Our training sessions will empower you and push you to your limits. Schedule your training when they work best for you with our flexible options and convenient location.

In addition to being trainers, we are also available to consult you with your nutritional goals

Ready to change your outlook on fitness? Contact us to set up a consultation.

Modern and Fully Equipped Fitness Facility

To serve you best, we offer a large and well-equipped gym that supplies the following systems and resources:

  • Free weights
  • Exercise machines for strength training
  • Multi-stations
  • Stretching areas
  • Fitness classes
  • Training accessories, including foam rollers and resistance bands

When you sign up at our facility, we will show you through our full range of fitness resources, helping you to get to know each station and how to work the equipment. Our supplies are constantly expanded to include the latest advancements in fitness.

Skilled Trainers Serving Roxbury

Our trainers have been serving the Roxbury community for a number of years. We have established a reputation for our dedication to our clients, as well as our well-equipped fitness location and years of experience. We are committed to helping you break boundaries and develop the full extent of your abilities.

Our supportive and encouraging team is fully credited, licensed, and bonded. We look forward to serving you.

Helping You Attain Your Health and Fitness Goals

Develop your potential with Liberty Fitness. Our personalized training sessions will be the perfect addition to your exercise routine. Experience new levels of strength and energy—contact us today to learn more.

Roxbury Personal Training

Take your fitness to the next level with the elite personal training sessions offered exclusively at Liberty Fitness.

We offer customized, flexible one-on-one fitness sessions for people of all ages, sizes, and abilities. Drop by our gym for a visit or drop us a line at (617) 588-2115 to find out more!

Qualified Personal Trainers

The founders of Liberty Fitness are passionate fitness enthusiasts, boasting over 50 years of training and experience. All our private trainers are certified and seasoned professionals, dedicated to helping you reach your goals one workout at a time.

We'll tailor your exercises, stretches, and physical conditioning to fit your unique goals. We'll draw from years of teaching experience to correct your technique and workout strategy to maximize results. Whether you've never stepped foot in a gym, or it's been years since you've missed a workout, you'll benefit from our trainers' keen eye for detail and in-depth knowledge of human anatomy and nutrition.

Personalized Consultations with a Fitness Trainer

Before we start pumping iron, we'll assess your current fitness level and determine your future health objectives. We seek to develop clear goals so that we can accurately measure and track your progress on the way to improved wellness. Then, we'll custom design a training program that will challenge you. Rest assured, your safety is our utmost priority. We'll carefully take into account any physical limitations or past injuries that you may have.

The right fitness coach can turn intimidating workouts into fun and engaging activities. That's what we strive to do at Liberty Fitness —we want to make going to the gym a positive experience that you'll look forward to week after week.

24/7 Private Training

In the interest of customer satisfaction, our facility is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. So, you can hit the gym whenever inspiration strikes. Our certified fitness trainers are available round-the-clock to help you achieve your personal best.

Call us to set up your first training session when it suits you best. Be it after work or in the early hours of the morning, we're sure we can arrange a workout schedule that fits your busy lifestyle.

Affordable Personal Fitness Trainers

Liberty Fitness's personal coaching programs are preferred among beginner and seasoned athletes alike because we provide high-level training at affordable price points. We proudly maintain some of the most competitive rates in the area because we firmly believe a healthy life should be accessible to everyone.

To discover our affordable rates and flexible payment options, contact our friendly staff today!

State-of-the-Art Fitness Personal Fitness Training Facility

Our gym boasts a broad array of cardio equipment and a fully equipped weight room. We're pleased to provide a spacious, welcoming environment where you can be free to pursue fitness with every tool at your disposal.

Since our conception, we've worked hard to create a team atmosphere where everyone is treated as friends. As soon as you step foot through our doors, you become part of our supportive community where you'll be encouraged and motivated to pursue positive change in your life through physical fitness.

The Benefits of Hiring a Personal Trainer at Liberty Fitness

Everyone has their own workout goals. The problem is sticking to them long enough to start seeing the results. By hiring a personal training coach from Liberty Fitness, you give yourself a fighting chance to overcome even the hardest obstacles. And the results will surprise you! We've trained hundreds of clients and helped them to achieve their biggest goals.

It's hard work to become your best self. We're here to help you on your journey.

1. Your Personal Trainer Will Teach You What You Need to Know

We put teaching before training. Sounds weird, right? But the fact is, you'll only be able to achieve your goals if you understand how your body works. It goes without saying that we will help you construct an exercise routine that suits you, your lifestyle, and your fitness goals. But the important thing is that you understand why it works for you. By putting teaching first, we give you the power to succeed.

2. Your Trainer Will Motivate You

The main reason that most people fail to achieve their fitness goals is that they lose motivation. Things come up. Work gets stressful. Life happens. And if no one is there to cheer you on and push you to keep going, will you be able to do it all alone? By hiring one of our certified personal trainers, you'll quickly discover that half the battle is just getting motivated.

3. Hire a Personal Trainer and Become Personally Accountable

A good part of becoming motivated is feeling accountable for your lapses and occasional failures. We're not here to punish you—or listen to your excuses. We're here to help make you accountable to yourself. We'll help you stick to your fitness schedule with achievable goals that you'll be motivated to reach.

4. Personal Training Plan Tailored to Your Body

We are a team of certified professionals who understand that taking a holistic approach to fitness is the only way to achieve goals. Making use of our training in both nutrition and fitness, our job is to create a plan that is tailored to your needs. Sure, we'll be there to push you and get you motivated, but we are professional about it.

5. A Challenging Training Regimen

A lot of people give up on their routine because they get bored when they don't see immediate results. But with a personal trainer, you have someone on your team who will take you to the next level. You won't get bored because there will always be a new challenge. We keep our workouts fun and exciting so that you'll never get bored.

6. Fitness Is Only the Beginning

At the end of the day, hiring a personal trainer is a life decision. It's not just about getting the body you want or reaching your weight-lifting goals. It's about improving yourself and optimizing your life. It's about your well-being and happiness. It's about becoming a healthy and strong person that you've always wanted to be.

Contact Your Private Trainer Today!

Our comprehensive private training programs will set you up for success by providing professional training regimes and unparalleled accountability. Take the first step to achieving personal wellness—call us today!