What Is A FIT 3D Boby Scan?

The FIT 3D body scan is a digital representation of your journey through body transformation. Users will scan their body as they progress to compare to past scans. With a FIT 3D scan, you get visual feedback and trends that are easy to understand.

The FIT 3D records your BSR or Body Shape Rating; a rating system based off of research from a university, to give the user an idea of their own body wellness associated with shape. It also gives you information on your body composition with it’s lead generation body fat algorithm. The actual scanner will take a 3D representation of yourself where you can then evaluate your progress!

What Do I Use It For?

The FIT 3D body scan is able to keep track of body posture & balance, muscular definition and weight loss. We offer the body scan monthly at Liberty Fitness, free of charge with a membership! We will help you set up your account and record your scans so you can start tracking.

Watch this video below to learn more!