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Liberty Fitness 247 is a fitness concept pioneered by Leonard Brower and Andrew Grinbaum. These two health entrepreneurs recognized that access to high quality, functional training facilities is not prevalent in some big city neighborhoods that have been ignored by the big box chains. There are literally health deserts in many parts of urban areas in the United States.

They set out to create environments that are making fitness equitable by providing high end services for exercise, fitness, health coaching and personal training available in places where a lot of folks live and work, but previously, needed to travel long distances to get healthy at a gym.

That shouldn’t be. Every neighborhood deserves to get fit and stay fit. Liberty Fitness believes in Health, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. And how can you pursue those goals if you can’t stay fit? The purpose of a Liberty Fitness is to truly enhance and make the community that it operates within healthier and happier.

We are proud to open our first location in Roxbury, Boston, a historically Black Neighborhood that has been ignored for too long by corporate fitness chains. We believe the residents of Roxbury deserve a beautiful place to work out, get fit, and build a fitness community right where they live.

To make access even easier, Liberty Fitness offers health club memberships at rates lower than the surrounding areas. We also offer parking for clients who need to travel and don’t have access to public transportation close to their home.

Finally, we are a 24/7 fitness facility. In today’s work culture, many people work 2nd and 3rd shifts and we created a space where you can work out any time of the day. “Convenience, fitness, equity, access” – These are just some of the words that describe our gym. We hope you come check it out soon!

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Health, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness
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