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Liberty Fitness

Making fitness equitable
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Gym near me roxbury
Gym near me roxbury


We are open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Rain. Shine. We are open for our members! 

Dedicated parking in the back

Private showers


Fit3D Body Assessment included with members

Gym near me Boston Mission Hill Roxbury Nubian Square South End Fitness

Liberty Fitness is always keeping things interesting!

While running on the treadmill, working out on the elliptical machine, and lifting weights are all excellent forms of exercise, it is always a good idea to change up your workout routine by taking a class. When your body gets used to an exercise, your muscles are no longer being challenged.

Train as you like in a judgment free environment

Being able to workout is integral to a healthy life, but there are some places that make this difficult because they have atmospheres that are not conducive to learning and growing. With this in mind, Liberty Fitness was created so that all the people of Roxbury could find a place to improve themselves.


Liberty Fitness

Liberty Fitness 247 is a fitness concept pioneered by Leonard Brower and Andrew Grinbaum. These two health entrepreneurs recognized that access to high quality, functional training facilities is not prevalent in some big city neighborhoods that have been ignored by the big box chains. There are literally health deserts in many parts of urban areas in the United States.

They set out to create environments that are making fitness equitable by providing high end services for exercise, fitness, health coaching and personal training available in places where a lot of folks live and work, but previously, needed to travel long distances to get healthy at a gym. Read More…

Leonard Brower - CEO Liberty Fitness Boston 1 LLC

Transform your Body, Relax your Mind, Empower your Spirit

You’ve made the most important decision of your life. Whether you want to run a mile, or have loftier goals, such as running a marathon or competing as a bodybuilder, Liberty Fitness can design a fitness program that will keep you comfortable in your own skin and help you maintain a stress-free and active lifestyle. No matter your age, body-type, or level of fitness, you will find everything you need at Liberty Fitness.

Have you hit a plateau in your exercise program? Are you bored with your current fitness routine? Is it time to make some lifestyle changes? Let’s change that today. Whether you’ve taken a brief hiatus from the gym and are trying to get back in gear, have never stepped foot inside a gym, or recently moved to Roxbury and are looking to join a new gym, we’re sure you’ll find success at here. When you join Liberty Fitness, you will benefit from a team of dedicated trainers, instructors, and staff members who will be by your side every step of the way to guide you to your goals.

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